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Storm clouds in Sedona
Sedona Retreat
Seeing Higher Perspectives

Retreat in Sedona, Arizona
November 9 - 13, 2019

Karlta's Fee: $525
Registration deadline and non-refundable $100 deposit due: September 1, 2019

Sky Ranch Lodge on Airport Mesa
Hotel Cost: $685.66 per room for four nights ($152/night w/o taxes)
A non-refundable deposit of $100 confirms your spot for regular and earlybird deposits. Payments can be made by cash, checks, Venmo, MasterCard and Visa

Come join me as we learn how to advance our spiritual evolution, cope with challenging times, and move towards our Light Bodies by expanding our ability to perceive Higher Perspectives. Many of us know that we are already doing this better than we used to, but there is always, ALWAYS a Bigger Picture. How do you See things that you don't know are there? How do you see things from others' points of view reliably? How can we use this to understand in real time what is happening around us so that we aren't so pinged by challenges and are much more confident, functional and effective? This retreat addresses ways that I have learned to expand the ability to think outside the box, to See with new eyes what I often didn't know what there, and to use that in my day-to-day personal and professional life.

Depending on the groups' physical abilities, I'm hoping to go to a hot springs for purification, see the elephants guarding the entrance to a stone temple from afar, and perhaps even hike to one of the two arches in the area, in addition to seeing some of the usual favorites. I have also found some new interesting places to eat and/or teach, and hopefully (by the time we are there) a new Harmonic Egg will be finished in the area for us to experience (if it isn't too expensive). A Harmonic Egg is a structure that you get into and experience sacred geometry and sacred harmonics to change your frequency. Everyone will also get a personal healing from me during the trip.

We will again be staying at the Sky Ranch Lodge on Airport Mesa, home of 2 vortexes. I have secured rooms at an average of $152/night per room (not including taxes) and the hotel will total $685.66 including all taxes for all four nights' stay per room. The rooms have a fridge and microwave as well as WiFi, and there is an outdoor heated jacuzzi on site. The temps in the day should be about mid-60's and the evenings average in the low to mid-40's. As usual, we will buy food at the local Whole Foods, and carry what we can with us to minimize eating in restaurants, and there will be free time for shopping or hiking.

My fee will be $525 which will include the parking tags for hiking areas, although if any of you have a National Parks parking pass for seniors that you are willing to share, let me know. If we are able to experience the Harmonic Egg and it costs something, that will be extra. If it is too exorbitant, we may have to pass on that. The regular registration deadline (with a non-refundable deposit) is due by 9/1/19, and the balance will be due by 10/1/19.

We will meet in Sedona on 11/9 at about 4 pm and have our closing ceremony on November 12th in the evening after dinner. You can leave first thing in the morning if you wish, or if you want to come early or stay on after the retreat, let me know and I'll get you the number to reserve your room for longer.

Also, please register with the full form below by either snail-mail or email. You should get an email afterward so that you know I have received it, and if you don't hear from me, PLEASE CALL!!! (734) 834-1566 I MIGHT be able to assist with finding a roommate if you need help.

To print the registration form, click on the printer icon in the lower right hand corner of the form

REGISTRATION FORM: To print the registration form, click on the printer icon in the lower right hand corner of the form

Seeing Higher Perspectives Retreat
Karlta Zarley - Cell (734) 834-1566 Work (734) 761-1566
Sedona, Arizona
November 9 - 13, 2019

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Please print this registration form, and send registration and deposit to:
Karlta Zarley, RN CHTP
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