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Double Vortex Meditation
First let's review some terms I use in this meditation:
  • Just like a hurricane, a vortex has a central eye that is still.
  • When a potter makes a vase on a potter's wheel, they start narrow, widen it and then pinch it in towards to top to narrow it again.  We will be referring to this, but we will also speak about pinching it at the bottom to be very narrow.  This will also be referred to as a Potter's Shield.
  • When I say that the vortex is moving clockwise or counterclockwise, that is based on when you look down your body and pretend that you are standing on the face of a clock.  The Inner Layer will go clockwise because that is generally how humans' fields are best functioning.
  • You may feel a little dizzy when you start this meditation with the first vortex. Make sure that rotation is strong and not wobbly before going to the second vortex.  The second one will balance the first so that it is much less “dizzy-making.”  DO NOT think this automatically means it loses power!!  This is a very powerful meditation and manageable because Spirit made it balanced!
This meditation will do several things for you, particularly when you use it every day.  It will raise or expand your energy signature.  It will protect you not only in terms of energy vampirism, psychic attack, etc., but will also protect you from the things that make the living of our 3D lives interrupted or difficult such as delays, interruptions, and other bits of drama.  (It does NOT take those things away, but the living of our lives is easier.)  And thirdly, it can be used for travel across dimensions and time much like a Merkabah.
With repeated use over time and in groups, I have found that there are times when you might call up a third layer of vortex energy.  That energy typically doesn't move clockwise or counterclockwise.  I've seen it move from up to down, from down to up, and in other ways that we don't really have language for.  You may perceive it differently.  My advice is to observe it but not expect it to look a certain way.  This third layer of vortex energy can be used to encase the previous two layers (as in this meditation) for the purpose of working on the Earth, healing work on others, places or situations, improving transitions for groups or other larger group work such as helping others to manifest something.
If you use it daily, you will notice that you detox some of the old energies that are no longer serving you.  You may feel foggy-brained, tired, and/or have aches and pains in your body.  Use excellent self-care to take care of this.
Please enjoy!

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