Karlta Zarley: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

210 Little Lake Drive, Suite 7
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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    Spiritual Direction

    Just as we take care of our bodies with food, exercise and sleep, and care for our emotions by crying or working through anger, so we also need to take care of our spiritual aspects. This is done by examining one's needs and beliefs, learning to listen to that Small, Still Voice, and bringing spirituality into life on a daily basis.

    Perhaps you attend church or temple, pray, meditate, commune with nature, dance or journal. Maybe you've fallen away from your spiritual upbringing. Sometimes we find that what we used to believe no longer fits Who We Have Become. Maybe you feel you have “lost your way” on your Spiritual Path or you think there has to be something more to life than what you experience now.

    Karlta approaches Spiritual Direction from the understanding that everything in life is somehow related to Spirit or Source. She works with folks from every spiritual tradition (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism, Hindu, Native American, Atheism, Daoism, Sikh, etc.) and feels that the beliefs of every tradition can be honored and upheld with love and respect. She focuses on forming and maintaining a regular spiritual practice that is fulfilling, and honoring the beliefs, needs, fears and successes of each individual. Much of what is discussed is discerning the spirituality within the mundane details of life and finding ways to listen to Spirit. There is also discussion about prayer, meditation, feeling the Presence of Source or not, spiritual reading and devotional practice, vocation, right living, ritual and service to others.

    Karlta can help you by walking with you along your Path, witnessing your struggles, supporting you in trials, facilitating your growth and celebrating your triumphs. Spiritual Direction can help you make your day-to-day life more rich and meaningful by giving you tools to handle your experiences from a higher perspective, validating your experience, and offering other perspectives as you deal with relationship, physical or emotional issues. This allows you to address the important questions like, “Who Am I?”, “Who do I want to be?”, “Am I living consistently in my thoughts and deeds?”, or “Am I creating what I really want?”“I highly recommend Karlta Zarley as facilitator for your spiritual / psychological healing journey. She is intuitive and insightful. Her energy work appears to be directed from a very wise source. It results in transformation: emotional, energetic, and psychological. Karlta is a gifted listener, channeler and guide.”—J.L.

    “Karlta has shown great insights as a Spiritual Director to help me reach a higher level of spiritual growth. Her insights, love, and compassion toward what I need has enabled me to function at higher levels. I have attended several workshops she has offered and have found that they have opened me to new dimensions. Karlta is dedicated to serving her clients and is truly a Whole Health Consultant.”—A.J.