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Post-pandemic In-Office Appointment Health Care Protocol

With Covid restrictions easing, I wanted to let you know of the policy at my office, The Center for Sacred Living. Because we serve some folks that are very sick, and because we have a population that has higher numbers of people who either don't believe in vaccination, are too sick to be vaccinated at this time, and/or want to wait until more information comes out on the vaccines (in addition to those who are already vaccinated), I need to be sensitive to the needs of all. It is my mission to provide affordable health care to anyone, and I do not want to make anyone a “second-class citizen” no matter what their choice in this matter.

To this end, The Center for Sacred Living as a whole requires that all wear masks in all common areas. However, the standard of cleaning (which has been a necessary but time-consuming burden) is returning to pre-pandemic levels. Beyond that, it is up to the individual practitioners' policies.

Personally, I am vaccinated, but please rest assured that your choice is absolutely yours to make on this issue, and I have no opinion (and there will be no pressure either way) on your decision.

However, scheduling people who haven't been vaccinated means to me that I need to leave more time between your appointment (before and after) so that I have time to do the extra cleaning of my own office surfaces to keep you safe. I also have two clients who are home-bound and too sick to be vaccinated that I visit when necessary and I need to keep them safe as well.

Here is my policy:
  • As established clients, I will be asking you to fill out a form that asks if you are vaccinated. Some of you have already done this. For those who I haven't seen in person for awhile, I will also ask you to provide proof of vaccination the first time. Then I will mark the front of your chart with a “V” so I never have to ask you again.
  • For prospective clients, I will be asking you at the time of scheduling if I need to allow extra time for cleaning before and after your appointment so that you too are protected. Again, this is a practical consideration only, and will have no bearing on your care in my office.
  • For those who are vaccinated, I still ask at this time that you wait in your car and text me to tell me you have arrived, and I will come to the door to let you in (there is currently no waiting in the reception area yet). I ask that you wear a mask coming in, going to the bathroom and leaving the office after your appointment, but inside my personal office space if you are agreeable, we can decide whether to keep our masks on or not. I also ask you to call ahead and possibly reschedule if you are sick OR if you know that you have been exposed or infected with one of the Covid variants.
  • For those who are not vaccinated, there will be no mark at all on your chart. I will schedule an extra 15 minutes before and after your appointment so that I have time to clean my treatment room to Covid standards for you. I ask that you feel free to remind me when we are scheduling appointments about this need. Please also wait outside and text me upon your arrival, and I will come out when the room is ready and take your temperature. You will also be asked to fill out the form about Covid exposure for each visit, and we will both wear masks for your full appointment. If you should need to go to the bathroom during your visit, there will be a box of disposable gloves available if you would feel more comfortable wearing them outside my treatment room. Also, if your status should change regarding being vaccinated, please let me know and we can update your chart and protocol.

Please know that at the beginning of the pandemic The Center for Sacred Living upgraded the HEPA filters on our furnace (and change them often), as well as having air ionizers in every treatment room, other air cleaners and salt lamps (who's ions also help to clear the air), and this hasn't changed. As an ex-nurse, I also wash my hands between every client, as well as before and after eating, using a tissue or going to the bathroom.

If you have personal concerns, I encourage you to bring them up to me so that we can discuss them!

Thank you for your patience in this evolving process!
Best Wishes,


Karlta’s work and the information on this site should be considered to be educational and does not take the place of medical diagnosis and advice. Talk to your doctor before making any health decisions. It is the responsibility of each person seeking assistance to be the final determiner of his or her choices in life.