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Karlta writes a free intuitive newsletter each month discussing energetic, vibrational, and spiritual shifts in us, our planet, and the universe, and gives assistance on how to navigate these changes while being centered in our current reality.

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Karlta Zarley - September Newsletter
Volume 15; Number 9
September 16, 2018


Dear Ones—

This month we would like you to take some time to reflect upon this: As many work their way towards forgiving and releasing themselves from various issues and emotions that keep them stuck in the illusion of separation, they come upon periods where they worry they will lose their sense of self. In other words, they fear that after struggling to step into their own power, working hard to forgive themselves and having some measure of success at loving themselves unconditionally, they might “go too far” into Oneness and lose themselves again to the collective.

We know that the work of releasing yourselves from the all-too-real-seeming illusion of separation is hard-won and has required support, consistency, steps of faith and even thinking outside the box. That form of losing yourself was BECAUSE of ever more encompassing layers of separation reinforced by fear, oppression and various types of emotional slavery. Coming out of that SHOULD be celebrated!

However, now that that is done or at least is within sight of being done, holding back from Oneness can be because you are coming from the point of view of separation because that is all you've known for so long. In the much bigger scheme of things, Oneness WITH individuality is Who You Really Are and Have Been all along. We all laid aside our awareness of that paradox (Unity AND Individuality) as a condition of exploring separation. Now we see it isn't one or the other; it is in fact both. To continue to withhold ourselves from Oneness to maintain our individuality only further entraps you in separation.

Think of it like this: you leave home to go to college or get a job in another state or city. You meet someone and settle down and raise a family there. But every time you go back to your home there is a feeling of “Aaahhhhh! I can really relax here; I'm Home here; I am Known here.” When you allow yourself to fully embrace Oneness while Knowing that you are also an individual Facet of All That Is, you are returning to your roots. You have evolved to a place where there is no longer a reason to lay aside one side of your being to explore the other side. You are returning to the place of ultimate rest and ease. You are fully remembering Who You Really Are. You are coming Home.

Are you ready to allow yourself to fully embrace Oneness without fear of ANYTHING?


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