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Karlta writes a free intuitive newsletter each month discussing energetic, vibrational, and spiritual shifts in us, our planet, and the universe, and gives assistance on how to navigate these changes while being centered in our current reality.

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Karlta Zarley - October Newsletter
Volume 16; Number 11
October 27, 2019


Dear Ones—Many of you have noticed that what is coming up for you and/or those you love is firmly planted in the physical realm. Health challenges, job changes, moving, home issues or changes, relationship situations, etc. It is temping to feel like it's hard to stay on the Spiritual Path when the physical realm offers so many difficulties or unpleasantries.

However, we encourage you to remember that for quite awhile you have been working on your spiritual growth—moving forward on your Path, learning to get your own intuitive messages and how to trust them, bringing the various aspects of your life into internal consistency and integrity, forgiveness work, etc.

Please remember that none of that spiritual stuff matters if you don't then bring it into the 3D world of physical reality. Mastery isn't when you have thought through how you feel about a betrayal, when you have forgiven someone, or when you change jobs to better reflect how you believe. It is only through bringing those beliefs, thoughts and changes from the inside of you to the outside world, where they can manifest and show you the nuances and true scope of what it means to be a Master.

For example, Unconditional Love doesn't matter when others love you—it is only unconditional when others are unpleasant or hard to be around. Changing jobs or relationships to further reflect Who You Are and What You Believe only matters when you can do so gracefully in the 3D world without further incurring hurt feelings, loss of integrity, etc. Remember: you don't have to prove to us or to the Divine that you are Masters! You only have to prove it to yourself, and the only way to do that is in the 3D world in as kind and responsible a way as you can.

While you are doing that yourselves or helping those around you to do that, please remember to respect all aspects, people and situations in the process; be kind to yourselves and to one another; and ask for assistance from those around you, either in human form or those “without skin.” That will make this process as easy as it can be, and will help others to go through this process, even if they don't know that they are, with as much ease and grace as possible.


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