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Karlta writes a free intuitive newsletter each month discussing energetic, vibrational, and spiritual shifts in us, our planet, and the universe, and gives assistance on how to navigate these changes while being centered in our current reality.

Note: As of April18, 2022, Karlta is no longer taking any new clients. Recommended by Karlta, Birgit VonderLeith in Ann Arbor, MI is taking new clients. For more information visit Birgit's website - https://handsforhealth.abmp.com

Karlta Zarley - Update on Newsletter
February 8, 2023

Dear Ones—A year ago I abruptly stopped writing my monthly newsletter.  I am very sorry about that, for I know that many of you looked forward to it each month.  At the time, I was still inundated by clients who were strongly impacted by the pandemic and seeing about 35 clients per week.  Since I had been doing that since nearly the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I was overwhelmed and rapidly reaching burnout.  Something had to give and that was one of the things that shifted.  I am sorry about “going dark” without warning, but I hope that you all can understand what happened.
It has taken since that time to pare back on my clientele, rest, keep up with those I was seeing regularly and come to terms with my own upcoming retirement.  I spent time visioning how that would look because being in private practice means I don't have a group practice that can pick up the slack.  Currently, I have stopped taking new clients, including family members of current clients.  This year I hope to go from seeing 18 people per week to 12 people per week (this is both those in person and those I work with remotely).  Since my clientele has always had a large proportion of those who are more complicated or more vulnerable than many who do what I do, I have started working with an apprentice to teach her some of what I know and do with an eye towards placing my most vulnerable clients with her if they would like.  She and I enjoy that time spent and I'll know more by the end of this year whether we need to work further into next year or not.  This also means that I am working with the clients I have to get them as close to their goals as possible while empowering them to take care of themselves (which we can all learn to do!). 
This last month I finally made my decision regarding adding back in my monthly newsletter.  I miss doing it and miss the connection I feel with all of you when I was writing it every month.  However, if I am going to retire, I need to draw the line somewhere and so it is with some regret that I am telling you I will no longer be writing this newsletter.  I haven't quite convinced myself that I won't go back once I'm done seeing clients (I plan to be fully retired no later than November of 2025), so we'll have to see what happens then.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO TAKE YOU OFF MY NEWSLETTER EMAIL ADDRESS LISTING, please reply to me so that I can do that!  There is no pressure either way here, and you won't hurt my feelings etc.!  I have always been honest with others and I hope that you feel that you can be honest with me!  And please know that I will be keeping the archived newsletters up for your use in case you want to go back and read.  I have found that often when you choose one, seemingly at random, it is because that particular one is the one you need to “hear from” in the current moment!
Finally, I want to tell you all that I am so grateful for all the loving and lively support you have given me over the 18 years of writing this newsletter!  I am acutely aware that without you, I could never have fulfilled that part of my mission in the world!  And I send each and every one of you love, blessings and the richness of living for now and always!
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Karlta Zarley - March Newsletter
Volume 19; Number 2
March 6, 2022


Dear Ones—

We have been living in a time where we are told to socially distance in order to protect ourselves and others during the pandemic. That was on top of already feeling separated from our brothers and sisters in the world due to various political, ethical and logistical considerations. Now we seem to be able to move more and more back together, but many find that it is hard to trust others or perhaps hard to lay aside that insulation in favor for the very thing they had so yearned. On top of this, we have added stressors now...war in Ukraine with someone who might have “lost his cool,” inflation here at home, etc. We feel alone, lonely, overwhelmed and anxious. How do we take back our lives? How do we return to the days of feeling like we are part of a greater whole, without necessarily going back to the parts of that past that weren't working for us to begin with? (Think of things like better pay for work, Black Lives Matter, the Me Too movement, gay rights, financial slavery, etc.)

We have a clue in our common, social vernacular from the last several years... “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What does that mean? The only way to feel more resilient and less anxious, lonely and overwhelmed is to realize that many of the needs that we try to fill by looking outside of ourselves, really can be filled by looking within. Was your family of origin so dysfunctional that it left you aching and wanting? Take care of your own Inner Child. Create a “family” of those that you love and trust and that also feel and act like they love you, even if you aren't related to them by blood. Realize that what you see on the outside that seems so real is just energy, and re-order your life to reflect new priorities. If you believe in something, vote with your votes, but also vote with your dollars. Don't spend money on things that matter a little in favor of those things that matter more to you, whether that is organic food, more expensive gas to send a message to tyrants, or sharing your resources with those who have greater need than you EVEN IF you don't get a tax deduction from it, to name a few.

Offer your own self Companionship by saying “no” appropriately, being less judgmental towards yourself and more loving and compassionate, seeking more beauty in your life and staying focused on how that beauty nourishes your soul, and making time for your own inner Peace and Stillness through daily prayer, meditation, communing with Nature or anything that quiets your mind and uplifts your heart. As you do this, you will find that you are feeling less overwhelmed and anxious and more resilient, peace-filled and joyful. Then carry that way of seeing things, thinking, feeling and being into the world. When you live in internal alignment like this (meaning that the way you live supports the very things that you prioritize for yourself and others), then you can stop hemorrhaging energy from the self-induced energy leaks and start to be more Present in the world.

When you are more Present in the world, then you start to see that we really all are just the same, under the different opinions and individual battle scars. It makes it easier to not worry about the differences because the similarities are so much more appreciated. It gets easier to be in others' company because we are less triggered and triggerable. We find that we CAN return Oneness with tenderness, grace and loving-kindness.

This is how we were Created to Be. This is our Birthright. We Know how to do this but may have forgotten. Step into this with me. The New Brighter Future that we want (but may not see right now) is actually coming. This will bring it faster!


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Karlta Zarley - January Newsletter
Volume 19; Number 1
January 5, 2022

2022 BEGINS...

Dear Ones—

Here we are in the new year and I'm looking forward to see where we are going. The last several years have been quite hard in various ways as foretold by Aztec and Toltec prophecies. These prophecies have 20 year cycles and the last one started on 2012 (12/21/12 to be exact). This one was to have increasing darkness followed by more light, and here at the half-way mark we are starting to see more light. Is the whole year easy? No. These things are like a light on a dimmer switch, gradually getting darker and then gradually getting lighter. As humans we would rather that things were either “on” or “off,” wouldn't we?

So this year will be easier than 2021 and 2023 will be easier than 2022. Covid has taught us new coping mechanisms and ways of connecting. It has prompted us to redefine what our true priorities are, unencumbered by “want” and seen in the starker light of “need.”

As things get easier, I urge you to remember those priorities! They won't change just because we will be less stressed. Think of how low our stress levels would’ve been had we maintained those priorities so that we might not have needed to live through Covid to begin with! So rather than thinking about “getting back to normal” as defined by “the good old days,” please rethink what our new standard could be...what we want it to be when we are most aligned with our Wise Selves. Then think about what steps you still need to take to make that a reality for yourselves...for OURselves.

Every achievement I create in my own contentment and self-actualization makes it easier for you to create your own contentment and self-actualization, and visa versa. As we continue to practice kindness, open-heartedness, abundance, etc. we foster more of that for others, which then energetically flows back to us so that it can become an upward spiral. Keep thinking of your self-care in terms of nurturing your spirit in ways that are loving and peaceful, and the rest will take care of themselves.

Then, when we hit a “hard patch,” we won't be so overwhelmed and already-tapped-out. We'll be able to feel our resilience (which is always there but our awareness of it in terms of our FEELINGS isn't always noticeable) and our strength. We will have easier access to our innate wisdom so that we will just Know what to do in any situation and we'll be able to do it.

All of this is shaping our behavior, our understanding through necessity. These are things that we have previously known but forgotten when we allowed ourselves to be distracted by the 3D world. With our eyes on the 5D, the energetic, the Bigger Picture, we need to remain so focused on it that it becomes more real to us than the 3D. Then we will always Know Who We Really Are. We will always be able to access our innate intuition. We will be able to create the “good new days” of the future!


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